[DOWNLOAD 480P] Patna railway station viral video without blur

Patna railway station viral video clip

The video has caused a stir among the public, with many people expressing their shock and outrage at the state of the railway station. Many have called for better management of the station and for the railway authorities to take action to ensure the safety of passengers.

Patna railway station viral video clip without blur

The Patna Railway Station is one of the busiest in India, with hundreds of trains passing through it every day. The station is also known for its overcrowding, with many people trying to board the same train at the same time. This often leads to chaotic scenes like the one seen in the viral video.

The railway authorities have responded to the video by saying that they are taking steps to improve the situation at the station. They have announced that they will be increasing the number of ticket counters and deploying more staff to manage the crowds. They have also said that they will be installing CCTV cameras to monitor the situation.

Patna railway station viral video link download

It remains to be seen if these measures will be effective in improving the situation at the station. In the meantime, the video serves as a reminder of the need for better management of railway stations in India.

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Apparently, Patna railway station passengers had to face the embarrassment scene, what exactly happened? On a Sunday morning, at 9:30 AM many passengers were present at the Patna Junction station, and suddenly Blue Film was started by someone on the advertising screen. The offensive video was played for 3 minutes on the 19th of March 2023. Imagine, you are traveling with your family and suddenly someone played a Viral video Clip in public on the big screen, how much embarrass you feel? Yes, this incident recently occurred on Sunday in the biggest railway station of Patna at platform number 10, the capital of Bihar. After seeing the Viral video shown advertising Television, people started gathering in one place and immediately reported nearby police stations.

Patna railway station viral video download

The viral video suddenly started playing on the advertising screen in Patna Junction Station on the 19th of March 2023 and all the passengers felt ashamed. On the TV screen which was installed for playing advertisements on platform number 10, an obscene video came into the grave matter. Bihar police are continually doing the investigation this event. This recent occurrence happened at the biggest railway station in Bihar where millions of people travel every day.

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